Been on the Rock

July, 2022: I'm pursuing gallery representation. For this purpose, it seems that I need to produce an artist statement and biography.

Artist Statement

I believe an education in architecture could benefit an artist who paints people dancing in the streets. Perhaps an education in creative writing could benefit a painter who is interested in dynamic drama. I have a college education in graphic design. There is little actual drawing in modern graphic design. I believe though that my design practice impacts my painting. My professors emphasized the concept that orchestration of elements needs to be fine tuned in microscopic detail. I've spent my career answering the needs of clients and their audiences. Keen attention to a well defined goal can bring a unique discipline to painting.


Alex Sacui grew up drawing, painting and sculpting. At some point in high school he stumbled upon a method of pencil coloring which blended unnatural hue combinations in otherwise realistic scenes. One purple. One green. One pink pencil. That's all that might be used in an otherwise fully realized scene.

A high school teacher Alex knew little about stopped him in the hallway while everyone else was in classes. The teacher gave impressive advice to study graphic art in college. Graphic design would make the best use of artistic ability. Alex did study design. Artistic ability is indeed used in creating logos that usually need to shrink to the size of a postage stamp. Within 1 year of his first graphic design job Alex was working on a series of illustrations to advertise his abilities. The illustrations were influenced by Alex's education which emphasized logotype simplicity and order of shapes. His color choices were a digital version of the psychedelic colored pencil drawings of his high school years.

The result was nosepilot. A sensation. Alex flew to Rotterdam to show the animation in the international film festival. He spoke about the art at the festival for the the Adobe Flash software used to animate the illustrations. Several magazines wrote about the art and books are still being published which mention Nosepilot. Most importantly Alex got the taste of success. The uproar died down. Alex though knows what making it smells like.

During a self employed career as an animator, illustrator, muralist and graphic designer Alex has stayed with a handful of loyal clients. He still does work with his first client from 2000. In his off work hours Alex stumbled across a new technique involving unrealistic use of colors. This one is digital. A photograph is digitally squeezed, kneaded and squished around until a completely new subject is created. A young girl in a red dress is transformed into a cardinal and hummingbird in a forest.

When Alex's first child was born in 2017, he dived into painting.

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